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Shae is 7 months old. She and her litter were rescued and found to all have eye deformities. Shae was one of the luckier ones and need eye reconstruction surgery and has had a remarkable recovery. He does not have any vision problems or limitations. She is a precious baby and a keeper. Loves to be around people and very bonded with her foster mom. She is cuddlier in the bed or a lap. she will get in your lap the minute you sit down. Just so precious. Does wonderful with other cats and dogs.

Our adoption process starts with a simple application to be filled out. This helps us screen for long-term homes and to ensure the cat/kitten is a good fit for you and your family. Our application can be emailed or downloaded here on our website, click on the ADOPTION button. Once we receive the application, it will be reviewed and someone from our organization will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.

We have an ever-changing large selection of available cats and kittens. The cats and kittens available range in various ages, colors, sizes and hair lengths. Most of our adoptable cats and kittens are posted, but this list may not be exclusive. If you do not see a cat of interest, please feel free to message us. We do have a policy that DOES NOT allow De-clawing, but do get in de-clawed cats from time to time. We also pull from high kill shelters and have cats on waiting list for intake, so if we don't have what you are looking for; we can try to find a cat or kitten to fit your family's requests.

We strongly believe it is important to find the right cat or kitten for your family. Our goal is for all of our cats and kittens to be adopted into a family that will care for them , love them, and remain with them their entire life. We also know that sometimes  circumstances may change in someone's life. If this happens, and you can no longer keep your cat, please know you can call us and we will take the cat back with no questions asked.

You can view our adoptable cat/kittens here on our website by clicking the above PETFINDER link, Facebook, and Adopt-a-Pet. Since our cats are fostered out of our homes, it is best to arrange an appointment to meet and visit with the cat/cats of interest.

Jen is 7 months old. She is very uniquely marked and photos do not do her justice. She has tabby markings with underlying calico spots. She is one precious girl. She gets very attached and loves people. If you sit down she is right in your lap. She is a cuddle bug and loves to be in a bed. She is well behaved but does enjoy playtime and does great with other cats and dogs. She came to us with a broken leg and had surgical repair done with a full recovery. She does walk with a slight limp, but this does not limit her at all.



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